Thursday, June 23, 2011

2-year-old Class

Sims has finally, officially, moved to the 2-year-old class at his daycare.  This transition has been amazingly easy, and he is so excited about it!  Two of his really good friends had moved up a few weeks before him, and he has been ready for the change.

For about a week and a half before the official move up, he visited the new class a couple of hours a day.  The first day he visited, the director of the daycare came to get him from the 1-year-olds.  She came in the room and asked, "Sims, are you ready to visit the 2-year-old class?"  He was so excited that he ran right out of the room and down the hall to the new class, leaving the director in his dust.  When he got to the big kid class, he and his 2 good friends had a big group hug.  Oh, I wish I could have been there to see that!

On another day, when he was told that he could go visit after his diaper was changed, he ran over to his teacher and hugged her legs as she was changing another child's diaper.  He wanted to be sure that he was next in line for that diaper change!

We have always called his daycare "school," as in "Are you ready to go to school today?" or "Have fun at school."  I was surprised one afternoon, when I picked him up and asked him," Did you have a good day at school?"  He corrected me by saying, "class" very matter-of-factly.  So now we call it class, too.  Now that he is 2 years old and all grown up, he goes to class.

The big kids even have Show and Share.  Yesterday was his first time for Show and Share, and he brought his NC State Wolfpack 101 book.  When he chose it, he kept saying, "Wolfpack," "Go State," and "High five."  (Whenever he sees a picture of Mr. Wuf, NC State's mascot, he talks about the high five Mr. Wuf gave him at the baseball game and about how big his teeth are!)

I'm so happy that this transition has been easy for him.  He's now even more excited about going to class each day.  And he's even less excited about coming home, which makes pick up a lot more time consuming.  I'm not complaining though.  I'm thrilled that he loves it this much!

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  1. A 2 year old group hug?! I wish I had been there to see it too!!!!! So glad he's loving his class with the big kids - congratulations to Sims!