Friday, June 24, 2011

Mother's Day Gift

Last night, Jason surprised me with my Mother's Day gift.  I know what you're thinking - he's a bit late on this one.  You see what I wanted for Mother's Day wasn't available until early June.  Then when it technically became available, it was sold out everywhere.  He finally found it for me, and I got it yesterday.

From here
Me lovey!  So far I have learned a couple things about this fabulous new lens. 

First, it is possible to take photos in my dark house without using a flash.  But I'm going to have to learn to steady my hands.  If Sims could stop moving so much, that would be really helpful, too.

The biggest, most exciting thing is the bokeh.  Oh, the bokeh!  (I'm just starting to learn some photography jargon.  Before I learned what bokeh was, I was calling it the blurry background that makes a photo more than just a snapshot.)

Oh, the bokeh!

This is what I have been dreaming out.  (And I don't mean the 1980s brass chandelier.)  I am so excited about my new lens, and I can't wait to spend some time getting to know it better.  Thank you, Jason and Sims!  What a wonderful Mother's Day gift!

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