Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Sims has started a new habit that it is really cute.  He now says, "okay," in place of yes.  Most of the time, it's not that noticeable, but it gets really cute in a situation like this:

Sims: I want ice cream.
Me:  You want ice cream, do you?
Sims: Okay.

Like it was my idea.

In other news, we have started a new weekly tradition.  We have started walking to dinner.  After living in our house for 8 years, we have finally had the realization that we can actually walk to restaurants!  We used to ride our bikes to downtown years ago, but we've never really walked anywhere.  Well, that has changed.  I don't know how long we will keep this up during the heat (and humidity) of the summer, but we'll see.  It's been a nice way to get out the house and tire out Sims at the same time.

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  1. the converse of "Okay" has become "NoNoNoNoNoNooo" its hard to keep a straight face after that.