Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day

First of all, I have to say that it is so wonderful to have Jason back home!  He was only gone from Monday to late Friday night, but it seemed like much longer.  Sims and I were both so happy to have him back.

I think Jason had a nice Father's Day yesterday.  We didn't do much.  We went to church, watched some golf and played in the baby pool.  Well, Sims played in the baby pool, and Jason and I put our feet in to keep cool.

Sims had a blast in the pool.  When he had splashed out half of the water, we just refilled it.

And to prove that I was there too, here I am living the high life.  Or drinking a High Life...

Jason and I were woken in the middle of the night last night by an intense storm.  Lightning was flashing non-stop like I've never seen and struck something nearby that caused us to get out of bed and look for fire.  I'm a bit more cautious after our neighbor's garage burned from a lightning strike.  Luckily the storm only lasted about 10 minutes, and Sims didn't even budge.  But I'm definitely a little more tired than I usually am on a Monday morning. *snooze*

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